To prevent growth of mold and mildew, each of our units is equipped with four rotating vents. They may be opened or closed to fit your needs. Even when opened, our vents are shielded by shutters on the outside to prevent rain from entering the unit.

About our units

Not often seen in competitors' units, hardwood floors provide a sturdy foundation, able to support anything you need to store.

Our rigid units are constructed of high-grade steel and aluminum to withstand the elements, and keep your stored goods protected against the elements.

Translucent ceilings provide light to work inside the unit, but prevent damage to items stored within.

Family owned and operated, we aim to please. Our portable storage units are constructed the same as the bodies on our moving trucks, to ensure that you have what you need in order to get the job done.

E-track has proven to be very useful in moving and storage scenarios. We use these metal beams to secure loads in our moving trucks, and they are present in all of our portable storage units